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Delhi is a crowded city. There are very few rich people who travel by their own vehicles. The majority of the people cannot afford to hire a taxi or a three-wheeler. They have to depend on D.T.C. buses, which are the cheapest mode of conveyance. D.T.C. buses are like blood capillaries of our body spreading all over in Delhi. One day I had to go to railway station to receive my uncle. I had to reach there by 9.30 a.m. knowing the irregularity of D.T.C. bus service; I left my home at 7.30 a.m. and reached the bus stop. There was a long queue. Everybody was waiting for the bus but the buses were passing one after another without stopping. I kept waiting for about an hour. I was feeling very restless and I was afraid that I might not be able to reach the station in time. It was 8.45. Luckily a bus stopped just in front of me. It was overcrowded but somehow I managed to get into the bus. Some passengers were hanging on the footboard, so there was no question of getting a seat. It was very uncomfortable. We were feeling suffocated. All of a sudden, an old man declared that his pocket had been picked. He accused the man standing beside him. The young man took a knife out of his pocket and waved it in the air. No body dared to catch him.

The proverb has deep meaning, which is always useful for a successful life. It conveys the idea that we should always think and then act accordingly. Impulsive actions may lead us to embarrassing and odd situations. As we should always think before we speak, in the same way we should think before we act. Life is full of various factors, the factors which can fascinate us for the moment but may lead us to failure or the factors which can repel immediately but may be the stepping stones to success. For example, going to a movie or playing video games may seem an attractive thing for the time being but can, in the course of time not only disturb one’s studies but also injure our eyes. Therefore, we should always restrain our intuitive and impulsive desires and then act according to what our mind says is right. Even the great men like Gandhi.

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My favorite search engine is Duck Duck Go.

function test(a) { console.log('JS Code!'); }
def test puts('Ohh Ruby!') end
//Return a name? public static string GetName(string firstName, string lastName) => string.Join(", ", firstName, lastName);

Published 02/28/2022

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